Keynote Speaking

What does your team, staff, or event attendees really want? 

They come to you for motivation, expert leadership, cutting-edge information, and a view on how to advance to the elite level of your industry.

The right keynote speaker should value to your overall conference or clinic by bringing new ideas and success strategies to help energize and empower your attendees. Your team wants to have the speaker provide an experience for them that is high energy, high engagement, and high content.

 I invest the time to create a deep professional relationship, and then go above and beyond to make sure your keynote experience is custom, not canned.

You (and your team) will walk away with actionable steps and strategies needed to apply what you’ve learned moving forward after the event so that you can close the gap from where you are to where you want to be and start seeing an increase in energy, engagement, and performance immediately.

1 -on- 1 Coaching

Are you…

  • Falling short of your potential while knowing you have more talent than you are showing?

  • Struggling to get over the hump, perform well in the “BIG MOMENTS,” and take your performance to the next level?

  • Tired of your mindset being the liability that’s holding you back… but not knowing how to change it?

  • Working harder than your teammates but choking when the lights come on?

  • Watching less talented and less prepared people get the results you deserve?

  • Irritated about getting told the importance of mental toughness… and wish someone would finally give some concrete ways you can actually improve it?

  • Frustrated that all the hard work you put in isn’t leading to consistent results?

  • Ready to take your performance to the next level and gain an edge over the competition by mastering the mental side of performance?

  • If any of those scenarios cause you to nod your head and say, “YES, that sounds like me”, then…

When the best of the best want to take their mental performance to the next level and get an edge up on the competition, they come to me.

Through my experience, I have taken what makes the world’s top coaches and athletes successful and distilled it down into a group of fundamental, trainable mental performance skills in a proven system that I have developed over my career that will teach you how to train the mental performance skills needed to consistently achieve long term success.

Through my unique opportunities, I have learned that the common denominator of successful teams, athlete’s, and top performers is that you have to be in control of yourself before you can control your performance and I’m ALL FIRED UP to share my experience so that you can become the elite performer you’re meant to be!

Bottom line: My 1-on-1 Coaching Program is the fastest and most effective way to develop the tools and resources needed to overcome the mental barriers that trip you up so that you can achieve your goals and perform at a high level – even when it’s hard. 

Team Consulting

From the boardroom to the locker room, is your team falling short on their potential?

All of the talent in the world, all of the hard work—none of that will make up for a lack of mental preparation and skill.

Contact me today to discuss the game plan needed to get your team from where they are to where they need to be.