Forged From Iron System


The Forged From Iron System is designed to provide an overview of how to create a systematic approach to achieving consistent results in your athletic performance.


If competition is 90% mental and 10% physical, why are so many fitness athletes and coaches spending so little time on an aspect of athletic performance that plays such a significant role in success?

Here’s why this is happening:

Most people — fitness athletes and coaches — are stuck in a “fixed” mindset.

As a result, they believe that mental skills like confidence, mental toughness, focus, etc. are attributes someone either has or they don’t.

So if someone struggles with any of these mental skills, they just assume “that’s just how they are”, and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

That, or they simply don’t know how to TRAIN mindset in a structured, consistent way, so they fail to address it.

So they spend all their time focusing on the physical side of performance, thinking that’s all they can truly impact — hoping that will be enough.

But guess what? This approach is wrong.

And that line of thinking will never allow fitness athletes to truly realize the level of success they are capable of. 

But there is good news…

The Forged From Iron System

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