Hi!  I’m Ed Padalecki or

Coach P (it’s easier!)

— as a coach and mental performance consultant, I specialize in peak performance for both athletes and corporate warriors.

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Philosophy On Peak Performance

My core philosophy on peak performance is this:

When it’s time to perform, as the old adage goes, competition is 90% mental and 10% physical.  

Training the mind isn’t a magic pill.  It can be hard.  But if you show up and show up consistently to the mind gym  it will allow you to release the greatness within you.

What is Peak Performance?

Peak performance is about mastering the mundane, unsexy details that make up our daily lives. 

As the great NFL wide receiver, Jerry Rice, says, “I will do what others won’t, so I can achieve what others can’t.”


Be Uncommon

Most athletes although they work hard physically, leave their mental performance to chance.

When we get the mental part of peak performance right, results follow. 

The Approach

I teach the same approach that elite-level performers use to achieve at the highest levels, which includes two MLB Cy-Young Award winners, a Heisman Trophy Winner, 5 UFC World Champion MMA fighters, World Series and Super Bowl Champions, Olympic Medalists, Team USA Baseball, multiple NCAA National Players of The Year, NCAA National Champions and the list goes on.

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Before running my own peak performance consulting business, I worked for a decade as a wealth manager, before selling my firm to pursue a career in sports. 

I have always been a high achiever and have associated myself with high-achievers, from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to elite-level athletes.

Nowadays you’ll find me enjoying life with my family, traveling, and coaching the mental game.


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