Helping You Achieve Peak Performance In Your Athletic or Business Career. 

I take two decades of best practices from coaching top athletes and business professionals to help you grow in the struggle, perform with confidence, and increase your chances of winning at every level.


  • Stay calm under pressure to slow your performance down.



  • Quickly refocus in order to bounce back from adversity.



  • Develop laser-like focus in order to compete one moment at a time.


  • Ultimately, perform better when it matters most.



Hi! I’m Ed Padalecki

or Coach P (it’s easier)

 — as a coach and mental performance consultant, I specialize in peak performance for both athletes and business professionals.

My core philosophy on peak performance is this:

When it’s time to perform, the old adage goes, “competition is 90% mental and 10% physical”. My question to you is, “How often are you training the 90?” 

 The mental game isn’t a magic pill.  We, unfortunately, don’t live in Disneyland.  Our mindset effects everything. Training your mind will allow you to level up your athletic career.

About Coach P

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